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We offer all types epoxy, cementitious, and rustic terrazzo flooring systems. Terrazzo is a composite material poured in place or precast which is used for floors and base treatments. It consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips, mixed with a matrix (binder) that is cementitious or epoxy. Terrazzo is poured, cured, ground and polished to a uniformly finished surface.


In terms of green technology, there are no surfaces that compare with terrazzo. Possessing a compressive strength of nearly 500 pounds per square inch, some of the earliest terrazzo-like floors created almost 10,000 years ago still exist in the middle east today.
Ancient terrazzo is remarkably analogous to modern cementitious terrazzo, almost to the point of indistinguishability. The fact that these floors are still serviceable and beautiful after many centuries is clear confirmation of the superior sustainability of terrazzo. With modern technology and the advent of epoxy terrazzo, modern terrazzo floors are even more sustainable and durable than cement terrazzo floors. Epoxy terrazzo also provides the option to incorporate post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content such as glass and stone into the materials of these timeless terrazzo floors.
Given the non-porous nature of epoxy terrazzo, only minimal cleaning is required. Unlike carpet, vinyl flooring or tile, a terrazzo floor will almost certainly never need replacement, even when located in high-traffic areas.
There are no grout joints to allow for dirt accumulation. The low maintenance requirements, non-porous nature of the surface and crack-resistance built into the technology used to install IMAI Technologies floors creates a near-permanent solution that pays for itself over time. For more information please visit our Terrazzo Life Cycle Cost page.
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