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At PREMIUM CONTRACTOR, we know your home is one of your most valuable assets, which is why our team of skilled craftsmen is passionate about treating it with care from start to finish.
Call 240-644-9624 to schedule your in-home estimate and discover why PREMIUM CONTRACTOR is the best in MD-DC & VA.

Power Washing


Dust, dirt, pollen, mildew dead leaves and bird droppings can transform your beautiful home into a dingy, dull eyesore. When you’re ready to make your house sparkle again, call PREMIUM CONTRACTOR for all your power washing needs.
Often, grime can get so stuck to surfaces that a garden hose alone won’t cut it. Our experienced power washers clean decks, siding, concrete, masonry, outdoor furniture and fencing, restoring dirty surfaces to their original appearance.
Call 240-644-9624 to schedule your power washing estimate.
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