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Washington Marble Polishing has been servicing the hotel industry for more than 30 years. We know how important the appearance of your entrance is to your guests. That’s why we are expertly equipped to pressure wash the exterior areas of your hotel as well as the interior. We know how to remove the toughest stains from concrete, stone, granite, tile and other exterior surfaces. Using the latest in green technology, our environmentally friendly cleaning products and waste-water recovery systems will compliment your green initiatives for your hotel.


Using the safest cleaners, we will assist you in achieving your cleanliness goals while providing your guests with a pristine atmosphere. We’re committed to enhancing the exterior appearance of your hotel, while providing cost-effective pressure washing services


In addition to keeping your hotel clean, it’s important to consider the value in protecting the exterior façade from deteriorating. Premium Contractor can help in extending the life span of your hotel, by keeping it well-maintained.


Environmental factors and weather conditions can deteriorate building materials over time, also making them unsafe and unattractive. Without consistent cleaning, mold, mildew and fungus can grow. Our pressure washing system will remove these deterrents and prevent foreign matter from penetrating the surface. Washington Marble Polishing cleans away grease, gum and other unsightly matter from the entrances, walkways, parking areas, pool side areas and driveways of your hotel.


Washington Marble Polishing Provide pressure washing services to the finest hotels. Let us determine how we can assist you in your hotel maintenance. Call Washington Marble Polishing today.


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